About Us

Core Beliefs

Value and Treat Customers like Family!

With over decades of experience, Bay Bridge Auto Body is eager to demonstrate how we feel a quality repair should be done. Our goal is to get your car back to pre-accident condition in the safest, most efficient manner possible. We pride ourselves with understanding our customers’ needs and then doing our best to exceed them. We know that value is key in this marketplace and we strive to add value to every repair. From working with customer’s work schedules by staying late/opening early to Saturday estimates/pick up/drop off, we make repairing your car a painless process.



With over fifty years of combined experience, we are able to effectively and systematically find the best course of repair as every accident is different. We check up on cars at every stage of the repair to ensure quality control is at its highest. By having this checks and balances system we are better able to catch problems before they become issues.

What makes us different

We truly treat each customer as family. Whether you drive a Mercedes or Mercury, we know you’re in here for a reason—you are not happy with the condition that your car is in. We are here to make it as positive as possible. We also treat insurance companies as family too. We understand that insurance companies are in the business to save money and we are in the business to make money, but there’s a common ground that we can agree to—get the customer back on the road in no time.